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Residential valuations

villa.jpgA well-trained valuer is not only appreciative of design and construction, but what’s doing well in the market at present and what are some of the things that can make the difference.

The residential market is very emotionally tied, particularly as this is a function of personal living space. Analysis from facts, market intuition and a straight-up friendly and honest approach is what drives Mike Barnsley.

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Commercial, Tourism and Industrial Valuations

commercial.jpgThe dynamics of commercial property and the like requires an understanding of the demand by investors, owner occupiers and tenants for this class of property.

The interpretation of current market rents, strength of tendency, net income returns, use and locational advantages all have an impact. Mike strives to keep abreast of trends relating to this type of properly to provide professional advice to clients.

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Rural lifestyle

rural.jpgRural lifestyle property offers a rural charged and spatial environment. Many of the residential trends apply in addition to the enjoyment of living off the land. Mike Barnsley understands firsthand the enjoyment of this family living and how this relates to the property market.

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